How Building Information Modelling is revolutionising build projects for clients

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The past 15 years has seen a real shift from traditional design and build methods to a far more digital approach. Where good old-fashioned pen and paper once had its place, at Vernacular Homes we have fully embraced computer-based design and its clear benefits for our clients.

One of the most significant advances in technology for architectural design in recent years is Building Information Modelling – or BIM. It’s a fantastic piece of software we use to create an accurate, detailed 3D model of a client’s new build, conversion or extension project meaning you can virtually ‘walk through’ your future home before a single brick is laid.

It’s being used every day to improve the design and build experience for our clients.

Enhanced Design Accuracy

Not only does BIM allow clients to realistically visualise their dream homes and conversions inside and out with precision, it also means that changes and amends can be made in real time. Moving or removing walls, increasing window size, reconfiguring a kitchen: all these adjustments can be made on screen, meaning clients can explore design options and understand time and cost implications before the build begins. We guide clients through the process, ensuring all designs will comply with current planning regulations, and are structurally sound.

Improved Collaboration

BIM is a fantastic tool for assisting with collaboration among our team members, including our designers, builders and approved tradesmen, and of course, our clients. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words; while our expert team can easily visualise elements of a design, we appreciate that a client who is perhaps new to the process might not find it so easy. Being able to refer to the same digital model helps to ensure everyone is ‘on the same page’ and avoids any confusion or miscommunication.

Smoother Planning and Approval

The easier it is for a client to understand exactly what their design involves, the quicker it is to get to the planning stage and gain permission from the local authority to go ahead and build. Higher quality design and presentation means that the planning officers are likely to have greater confidence in the proposals, resulting in the best possible chance of approval.

This also avoids any unfortunate scenarios whereby a client only realises they’ve misunderstood a design element when it’s at build stage – which would likely impact the cost and timeline. Not to mention their disappointment if it’s too late to go back and change.

Accurate Timeline Predictions

BIM has impacted project schedules positively. We can present clients with a realistic timeline that incorporates every step of the build from preparing the site, right through to the final touches.

Cost Efficiency

As changes are made to a BIM design, the software takes into account changes in materials and quantities. This means we are able to quickly and easily update costs and provide realistic estimates to clients before any work begins. It might be that they can’t absorb the cost of a change into the budget, or need to stay more on schedule. It helps avoid overrunning budgets or surprise bills at the end of the project

Effortless Modifications

Being able to present clients with a realistic model of their future home in advance which they can change and tweak at design stage means they are far more likely to start the build with a final design that changes very little.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

BIM operates using facts and figures. This data-driven approach is invaluable for transparency and instilling confidence in clients throughout a build.

Although our methods have changed over the years, our standards of design, craftsmanship and most importantly, client relations, have remained as high as ever. Our homes are made to last and delight our clients for generations – just like this beautiful extensive barn conversion we completed in 2008 which the owners still love today.


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