Planning permission – how to be successful

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Entering the planning system is a daunting process with many horror stories of how things have gone wrong, money wasted, and decisions endlessly delayed. Wide ranging experience of the planning system and conversations with the local authority help to identify potential pitfalls and make the process as smooth as possible. 

Here, we talk you through some different planning scenarios: 

Existing planning permission 
The home you are thinking of buying, or the one you now own, may have existing planning permission. It is normal to rethink a design, especially if it was produced for a previous owner. In that case the design is unlikely to reflect your own aspirations or lifestyle. There are various ways of amending designs through the planning system and a careful look at the design brief and budget expectations will be needed to get the most out of this process. 

Replacement dwelling design and planning 
Local planning policies are supportive of the principle of replacing one dwelling with another. This can be a more cost-effective solution than refurbishing an inadequate existing building. There are many other advantages to knocking down and starting again as it really is a blank canvas from which to work out a design. 

Failed planning permission 
For projects which have previously been refused planning consent, sometimes a better understanding of local planning policy and imaginative design solutions are needed to see revised plans approved and that all-important step closer to starting a dream project. 

Many clients have trusted us to handle the planning process for them, or even come to us to successfully revise plans that have previously been rejected. You can see some of our planning case studies here.


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