The Tractor Shed, Linton Park Estate

Client Brief

The Tractor Shed was originally built to store machinery and tractors. The client wanted us to carry out a simple and cost-effective conversion to turn this into a two-bedroom home for use by staff. 

This was the smallest of the five conversions we undertook on the Linton Park Estate. 

The others were: 
The Potting Sheds
Barn A, Loddington Lane
Barn B, Loddington Lane
Home Farm

The Project

The client had some previous plans produced which included turning the property into a two-level dwelling, but it was a design they were not keen to proceed with.  

We came up with alternative plans, setting the building out all on one level. We also incorporated the client’s request to make the most of the windows within the kitchen by including some bespoke window seating areas.  

The project, being fairly straightforward, took 16 weeks.


The client brief was looking for a two-bedroom home at a sensible budget. The addition of a first floor was possible, but with significant additional work which would result in a first floor with a limited head height. It didn’t seem necessary when a single floor design would give them the two-bedroom property they were looking to achieve. 

Not including a first floor meant that it was possible to retain the roof structure and roof coverings and insultation to the underside of the rafters.  


The end result was a modest, practical home with an impressive, vaulted ceiling, all built within budget and completed on time.

What the client said…

“After doing such a fantastic job on The Potting Sheds, Vernacular Homes went on to convert The Tractor Shed. This was the smallest of the properties they worked on, and the easiest to do. It was originally built as a garage for the previous owner’s Daimlers, and later, as the name suggests, used as a tractor shed.

The original architect’s design was for a two-storey dwelling which we were not happy with; Vernacular Homes came up with a much better plan, keeping everything on one level.

Although not a particularly large or prepossessing building, it had some attractive brickwork which was nicely rounded and a beautiful colour. It also had lovely windows which we wanted to wrap the kitchen around; Vernacular Homes came up with a lovely window seating idea that works really well.

The only real challenge with this build was the amount of excavating involved. The land was a working farm, so areas near the building had been used as a dumping ground and there was considerable soil, piles of leaves and other material which had to be reduced quite considerably.

Although this property was intended for staff use as opposed to being rented out, the team still took care to accommodate as many of our ideas as they could and provided a high standard of finish within the budget.

The end result is a lovely, spacious, two-bedroom home with a large open space living, kitchen and dining area. The original roof has been retained and is vaulted – a lovely feature.”

Our views on the project…

“Another successful project with Linton Park Estate – one of five we worked on with them. It was the smallest and easiest, converted for staff use. This didn’t detract from us wanting to provide a wonderful new home though – our standards are always high.

Sometimes, you just have to come at things with fresh eyes and this is what we did here. We took the plans back to the beginning and asked why a second floor was needed. It wasn’t – everything could be provided on one floor and adding a second only added time and cost.

The vaulted ceiling is particularly wonderful!”

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