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Planning applications – new or revised, our architectural expertise will create the home to enjoy

With experience comes high quality design and build – we take care of your whole project from start to finish

“Nothing can be built until the planning is right. We spend a lot of time talking and listening, asking questions and finding out how our clients live, to re-work existing planning applications, or design from scratch – so that the home we build is exactly what our clients want and need for their lifestyle and family.”
Trevor Weeks, Managing Director

We’ve created some interesting plans and overcome previously rejected planning applications

Read about how we’ve helped clients through the planning process and find out what they think of their Vernacular Homes…


We have a high level of expertise in planning applications and deep understanding of local authority requirements when it comes to barn conversions, new builds and the extension and alteration of existing homes.

We are seasoned in architectural design, working across heritage, conservation and AONB contexts, sensitive to what’s required to balance preservation and the needs of a modern home.

Once planning is complete, we enjoy seeing those plans through to completion with you, becoming your build partner for every brick, window and interior fit-out, right through to handing you the keys – a moment we never forget!

Architectural Design and Build – all under one roof

We’ve been designing and building homes for many years – our team spans a few different decades, so our expertise is wide and varied, which means we can take care of every aspect of your build – you will only have one contractor to speak with and that’s us.
And that’s the difference with Vernacular Homes – we don’t just design, we build too, so we know that the designs we are creating can be turned into reality.

Along with extensions, renovations, restorations and new builds, we are specialists in barn conversions – having transformed a wide range over the years from disused storage sheds, falling down structures and neglected buildings, into beautiful new homes designed to last for many more years to come.

Conversion projects come with their own challenges but we are highly experienced in what old buildings hide, what they need to be developed and in dealing with everything from planning requirements to bats in the roof.

Planning is the key to a smooth build and we take our time to leave no stone unturned before we build your new home with you.

Step into our design room and join us to see your ideas and our designs come to life. We’ll show you options for everything, from layout to window position and size, elevation, storeys, basements, and even aspect.

The beauty of how we work is that you can try it all out first – you might have a burning design idea but when you see it you either love it or hate it…but not a single brick has been laid or wasted while you make up your mind.

We can also show you some of our ideas – we’ve worked with many clients to tweak theirs, giving them a better layout that really does make more use of the space and create a way of living they might not have thought of.

The planned basement was the most expensive part of the build, so they suggested scrapping that idea and going up into the roof instead, and so they changed the design and planning for us. They gave us lots of choices and great advice. We always felt reassured by them and that we were being given direction and help.”
Read more about this new build project in East Kent


Before we can design, we need to measure up and we do this using digital technology called Matterport that scans the site or old barn, giving us a digital twin or clone.
From this, we know exactly what space we have to design within, plus what walls, structure or windows to build around and into.
It means we can only design what the structure or space allows – and can try different options to explore various ideas, layouts and concepts.

“Vernacular Homes took care of everything from planning to design and construction. The whole team would walk through the space to see how best to use it. They were great at coming up with ideas for maximising space; for example, we had an odd-shaped living room but they came up with some great ways of dividing it up to make it work.”
Read more about this project here – an extension to an Oast house in West Kent

3D Design

Our clients are able to walk around their new home before its event been built.
Virtual reality – we build your house in our modelling software and can take you on a tour. It’s immersive and allows you to feel the flow of the house as you move from room to room.
If you walk into the hallway and want a larger window, we can add one to see how it looks, feels.
We’ll also know what it adds to cost and time.

Our advanced architectural 3D design software allows us to provide accurate and early costings which are clear for everyone.
This level of detail allows a smoother handover from design to construction stage and with any issues, queries, concerns or problems already overcome, the build stage can gather swift momentum.

Our clients really do enjoy this part of the design process and so do we – showing them round what will soon be their new home.
They can take it home and start to show their friends and family too.

“They started out by asking us to focus on our top three requirements – lots of light, a more open feeling, and to connect to the barn on two levels. We really liked that although they had lots of suggestions, they were very open to our ideas and listened to what we wanted; we didn’t feel like we had a big flashy architect telling us what to do – it felt very collaborative.”
Read more about this West Kent extension and renovation

Watch our Virtual Reality walk-through…

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We can create your plans or revise and resubmit them for you
If you are planning a barn conversion, ask us for help to design and cost before you buy or decide to convert
Take a look at all of our projects that we have designed and built here

New planning permission

We really enjoy working with our clients from the beginning of their home building dream, enabling that vision to be fulfilled through carefully developed designs.

Our expertise will save you time and money – we are adept at devising planning designs that meet the local authority criteria; but which don’t compromise on your vision.

Existing planning permission

You may have an existing planning permission with your home – it might be yours from a while ago or it may have been inherited with the property. It might not be quite what you want, so we can work with you to develop those designs to better meet your brief and improve on the consent you already have.

Replacement dwelling design and planning

Local authorities support replacement dwellings and for many clients, they are a better solution than refurbishing an inadequate existing building. Replacement dwellings allows us to build a home which works much better than any refurbishment could hope to achieve, arriving at a modern, efficient and high quality home.

  • A better home can be built
  • A good increase in the size of the home is usually possible
  • Layout can better suit your needs
  • Efficiency improved
  • Sustainability achieved
  • A more reliable home – all will be new

We work across heritage, conservation areas and AONB locations – understanding the requirements of what will be needed for the planning application and providing that extra level of thought and consideration.

Failed planning permission

Sometimes, a little more understanding of local authority planning policy and together with imaginative design solutions are needed to see your plans passed and see you ready to start building.

We’ve worked with many clients to revise and develop failed applications to breathe life back into them and achieve the desired result without significant compromises.

We work accurately and honestly – we’ll be up front with you on the planning prospects of a scheme.

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