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New Homes For Self-Builders
In Kent And East Sussex

Building New Homes For Self Builders, Private And Commercial Clients

We build new houses for a variety of clients including self-builders and those looking to develop plots for sale or rental. The area we cover includes Kent, East Sussex and the eastern part of Surrey.

New build
Self build
New house
New home

Have a building plot?

Whatever stage you are at in your project process, we can take it forward to completion.

Starting out. How can we help?

Starting out. How can we help?
If you already have a plot, whether that is a green field, a back garden or a house to knock down and rebuild, then we can provide a full architectural design and planning service.

Following a successful outcome with the local authority, there will then be opportunity to instruct us for the detailed design and build stage.

Do you already have planning consent? Where now?

If you already have consent, then discuss with us how we can take the project forward to build, working through pricing, planning conditions and amended designs.

At Vernacular Homes we have worked with architects in Kent and the South East area to overcome all manner of building and planning issues and present local authorities with plans that satisfy them and our clients.

Don't yet have a site to build on?

A few ideas on how to find a plot for your dream home.

Plots for sale with planning consent

Many of the plots that are for sale may have consent, often achieved on a budget without real thought as to how future occupiers may choose to live on site. This establishes a principle that can be developed.

We have worked through many such projects where the specific details of consent do not reflect our client's brief. Working together, we have been able to achieve the unique aspirations of our clients both through gaining consent and the subsequent build.

Replacement dwellings

Most local authorities support the replacement of existing housing stock. This often proves to be a better financial decision than substantial extension or renovation projects. Some size increases are often possible.

Garden development

In some very particular circumstances, it may be possible to build in the garden of an existing house. Councils have differing policies on how to apply this. We have a number of success stories.

Thinking of knocking down and re-building a house?

Replacement is often better value than renovating.

How would we get permission from local authorities for a replacement dwelling?

Most local authorities support the replacement of one dwelling for another unless there are specific protections for the existing property for example it is a listed building.

It may be desirable that the new house should be bigger than the house it replaces and so careful consideration of how the proposed dwelling impacts the neighbouring properties and wider landscape will be important.

Is it possible to replace a house in an AONB?

The policies supporting replacement dwellings within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) often come with the caveat that the replacement can have no material impact on the landscape than the existing.

This means the approach to the design of the replacement needs to think in terms of not impacting on the landscape any more than the current building does and many factors will need to be taken into account including form, size, materials and landscaping if you are to succeed at the planning stage.

Building a house in the garden?

Can I build a new house in my garden?

Sometimes it is possible to gain consent for a new house next to an existing one. Whether your garden is an appropriate site for a new dwelling will depend on a large number of factors. Village and townsites are more likely to be looked at favourably as plots in the open countryside are more protected.

However, if you are thinking you may have a garden big enough for another house, please feel free to contact us to discuss.

new build interior
new build interior
new build interior
new build interior

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