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Build up, build out, make it better or bring it back to life – your home, your design

“We love being creative and imaginative with our clients, re-imagining and redesigning houses into homes that make better use of the space, create views and allow a family’s lifestyle… to be enjoyed for years to come.”
Trevor Weeks, Managing Director

We’ve helped clients to completely transform their homes into spaces that suit their needs, family and lifestyle, maximising their layout and location

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Have you ever heard people say they’d like to pick their house up and move it to somewhere else? They love the house but want it somewhere else. But what if it’s the house that’s the problem and not where they live.
Maybe their location is fantastic but their house isn’t. Maybe there’s a place you love but not the house.

For some of our clients, renovation, major refurbishment, extension or restoration might be the answer, to keep or get them where they want to be but in a home that perfectly suits their lifestyle and design tastes.

We can do a lot with an existing property – although in some cases we do suggest knocking down and building a new home (see New Home Design & Build).

Where we see potential to keep an existing dwelling, there are 4 main options:


Older homes, neglected properties, disused properties – these are the ones we usually work on to bring them back to life.

Our design team can look at a variety of new layouts, door and window placement, exterior look, style (traditional, modern, contemporary) and a complete refit of what is currently there.

We’ll design a home that suits how you want to live, what you do and with a flow that works for you, plus we’ll also take care of the planning application with the local authority; major renovation often requires it.

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Whether you are looking for a major refurbishment to add value for a resale or to create a home of your dreams, we can be your partner for the whole project, from design to planning to build.

The technology we use allows us to take an identical 3D image of your current house, which means we can virtually knock down walls, play around with layouts, see inside and outside. It gives you the opportunity for a virtual walkthrough – immersive like you were actually there, looking up, down and around.

We can add in, take away and remodel, showing you the cost and time implications for each change – much easier than changing your mind just as the bathroom is being tiled and you wish it was bigger!

“One of the things I love is the staircase; we had two in the original property, but they turned it into one and it’s a lovely feature that connects the barn to the house.”

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Going up or out is a good consideration for some clients – it can sometimes be a very cost-effective way of creating a home that suits you and gives you the space and layout you need, without moving home. The upheaval and legal costs can be off-putting and prohibitive but if you have a large garden, conservatory, outbuildings that can come down to make way or a single storey to build up onto, then an extension could create you significantly more space.

Our design modelling software will allow you to design and view in 3D, many concepts before you decide on the final one.

We will also take care of planning permission that will inevitably be needed – you may have old, inherited or failed planning plans that you’d like to revisit; we can work to revise those or start again.

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Bringing back to life old, run-down or former agricultural buildings such as oast houses, granaries, barns, stables, or others such as chapels or schools, requires big vision – and we can certainly help with that. Come to us with your ideas, and we’ll develop them with you, give you some more and create some imaginative and exciting plans for you.

Our 3D technology means you can be transformed to your new home before its even built – it allows you a virtual walkthrough inside and out, to test out different layouts, looks, window and door positions, plus you can gain perspective on light and space too.

The full project is managed by us with you, from design, to planning applications to build – using our own team on-site to bring your ideas to life. Conservation, heritage and historical sensitivity is at the heart of any restoration so that the days gone by live on in those to come.

“Originally, our two outbuildings were a cow shed with a sand and mud floor that needed a full refurb, and the other was a farm building that already had a concrete floor but was just used for storage. There was no insulation, heating or electricity in either.

The actual Oast hadn’t been refurbished since around the 1980s. Now the build is finished, we have a cottage for family and friends to stay in when visiting, and the other outbuilding is one big room which my wife uses as a yoga studio, and my son plays his drums in there too. The house itself is awesome; we love it.”

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